Total Prizes(KVND)



  • Point Calculation:
    1. Requirements to the Leaderboard : Play at BNG-selected games
    2. Activity 1:It is based on the amount of bets. Bet 0.82 KVND=1 point.
      For example:Player bet 4.1 KVND in a round, the player will get 5 points on the leaderboard.
    3. Activity 2:It is based on the winning multipliers in each macro spin.
      1 multiplier = 1 Point.
      For example: Player bets 0.82 KVND in one round and wins 82 KVND. The multiplier is 82(win)/0.82(bet)=100. The player receives 100 points.
    4. Activity 3: It is based on the highest payout of each winning round to calculate points.
      0.82 KVND = 1 Point.
  • Date :
    1. Activity 1 : 10/11 00:00 ~ 10/11 23:59
    2. Activity 2 : 10/18 00:00 ~ 10/18 23:59
    3. Activity 3 : 10/25 00:00 ~ 10/25 23:59
  • Winners:
    1. 4,920 KVND per race.14,760 KVND in total.
    2. 25 winners per race. 75 winners in total.
Rank Prize(KVND)
1 1,640
2 820
3 410
4-10 205
11-25 41


  • All time mentioned above is based on UTC+8.
  • Once the player meets the leaderboard requirements, the wins earned in previous qualified rounds during the tournament will be converted into points.
  • The value of points will be rounded off to 2 decimal places when calculating points.
  • There will be a leaderboard for players to check their current position.
  • Leaderboard automatically refreshes players’ rank.
  • Leaderboard only shows qualified players who meet required minimum rounds and bets.

Terms & Conditions

  • Apart from the bets of each spin, no additional fees are required to participate in this campaign.
  • Only qualified rounds are counted in this campaign.
  • All prizes and bets in the campaign become invalid if any malfunction occurs.
  • Anyone who participates in this campaign is deemed to agree with all the regulations of the campaign and the casino, and is willing to abide by it.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this campaign at any time.
  • Current prizes are based on the exchange rate BNG provides.
  • Winners are able to claim their prizes in each campaign-designated game by clicking the collect button on the pop-up message after the campaign finishes. All unclaimed prizes will be credited to winners within 72 hours after the tournament. Please be aware of the change in your account balance.
  • The rewards are valid for 3 months.